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Engagement rings are all about the diamond, this is why Raffi Jewelers work with trustworthy brands that share our values and quality control. 


Raffi proudly partners with Forevermark for the exclusive Black Label diamond collection which uses advanced technology, providing the ultimate reflection of light and shine. All with responsibly sourced diamonds. 


Less than one percent of the diamonds in the world fit the quality, sustainability, and conflict-free requirements of Forevermark, making us delighted to team with them and be GIA certified. 


Our engagement rings are carefully designed keeping the diamond guidelines in mind. Forevermark has over one hundred and thirty years of experience in the diamond craft and all our rings fit into the 4C standards:  


Cut. Methods for cutting diamonds have been developed over hundreds of years, some great advances were achieved in 1919 by mathematicians who developed a round brilliant cut where a crown refracts light into different colors and a pavilion reflects light through the top of the diamond. The Black Label Collection is very innovative, it brings the next generation of diamonds that showcases extreme brilliance and superior symmetry that allows fancier cuts—other than the traditional round—to reach perfect shine. 


Carat measures the mass of a diamond.  The cost rises from the carats, as larger diamonds are rarer and more desirable. Because of this, diamond prices are often quoted per carat rather than per stone. Book an appointment to know more about Raffi’s highly regarded engagement rings and brands. 


Color grading. The best quality of a diamond is a stone completely free of any color. The next grade has a very small trace of color that can be observed by our expert diamond evaluators. The Black Label Collection features an impressive array of naturally colored diamonds.


Clarity is a measure of the internal imperfections of a diamond called inclusions or blemishes. Inclusions can be crystals of foreign material or other diamond crystals, or even structures such as tiny cracks that can appear whitish or cloudy. The size, color, relative position, orientation, and visibility of inclusions can affect the relative clarity of a diamond, that is why we have master artisans and brands to provide the utmost quality. 


Raffi offers cushion, oval, and round Black Label engagement rings. If you need help choosing, you can be accompanied by a trusted expert. When you buy a diamond engagement ring from us, you get a certificate of authenticity that reports the size, the color, and the purity of your stone. 

Our professionals will make sure you are satisfied with the jewel you purchase from us and that will certainly dazzle your beloved lady. Book an appointment at Raffi’s today. Black Label engagement rings include high-end technology!


If you are looking for special diamond collections in Canada, visit Raffi’s at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, Ontario, or walk within a world of diamonds in our flagship Boutique in Cambridge, Ontario for a state-of-the-art engagement ring that can offer maximum brilliance in the cushion, round, and oval cuts. 





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