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Forevermark Engagement Rings in Ontario

From the world-famous De Beers Group comes a diamond whose quality goes unmatched by any others. Drawing from over 130 years of expertise, Forevermark brings us the most carefully selected diamonds in the world, culminating in even more delightful engagement rings. 


It is said that less than 1% of the world’s natural diamonds are worthy enough to be considered a Forevermark diamond, and that’s why we here at Raffi Jewellers are humbled to carry such one of a kind engagement rings by the revered brand.


As nature’s rarest gift, Forevermark understands the preciousness of diamonds, and that’s why each band is only made by the most talented diamond cutting masters in the world. 


Committing to responsibly sourcing all their diamonds, a Forevermark engagement ring is exactly what you need to put a smile on her face.


A favorite of the renowned brand, halo engagement rings are as elegantly traditional as they come. With a diamond outline wrapping around the glory of the center stone, these engagement rings are perfect for a bride who wants that extra sparkle. 


Giving off the illusion of larger center stone, Forevermark uses both round and square-cut diamonds in their 18k white gold engagement rings.


Effortlessly beautiful, our collection of Forevermark halo engagement rings are exactly what you’ve been searching for. 


Featuring exquisite detailing like double shanks and split shanks, along with the classic single row of diamonds, each band is made to represent the best of the best, and that’s why we’ve chosen it specifically for you.


At Raffi Jewelers, our careful curation of spectacular designers and jaw-dropping pieces is something you can always count on. 


In our flagship boutique in Cambridge and our dazzling showroom in Waterloo, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are eager to help find the perfect match for you. 


Whether you’re a bonafide expert or an inquiring newbie, we’re here to give you an experience you won’t forget.

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