1. SKU RLK110CY-24B-RFF
    Wide Black Diamond Faceted Wedding Band
  2. SKU MBO910CW-14B-RFF
    Puzzle Black Diamond Wedding Band
  3. SKU MBZ910TW-24B-RFF
    Outer Trio Black Diamond Wedding Band
  4. SKU MKQ910CF-15B-RFF
    Eternity Black Diamond Wedding Band
    Plain Dome Brush Wedding Band
  6. SKU MFB810JP-15R-RFF
    Eternity Diamond Wedding Band

    Concave Brushed Wedding Band

    Hammer Diamond Cut Wedding Band
    Dome Laser Finish Wedding Band


Introducing Madani's wedding band collections: bands inspired in the shared dreams of future spouses where you can treat yourself to unique wedding bands made of white & black ceramic, gold, tungsten, cobalt, and koa wood.

The romantic aspect of Madani's wedding bands' wide shapes represents eternity and infinity with a new lens that mixes technology, luxury, and urbane sophistication.

Madani's collections have models for men and women, and they are all bands of much taste and ideal for all budgets.

Madani's designs show how much the brand values the singularity of each person. There are no rules: all collections come with a whole new concept that gives one pause. You will want to keep a Madani with you every day throughout your life.

Enjoy the synergy and symbiosis of Madani's ultra-personalized wedding bands that evoke myths and legends blended with an unquestionable show of technology.

No wedding takes place without wedding bands, and Raffi's introduces ​​a new stage in the language of love with an awe-inspiring category of exclusive Madani bands.

Our fashionable pieces are chosen taking into account all the wishes and needs of customers regarding reinterpretation, innovation, and comfort.

It has never been so easy to step further into the world of wedding bands. Every band Raffi's offers will take you on an adventure where you will want to know the story and materials behind every band you touch.

We have taken care of every detail and thought through every step so that you can find the shape that mirrors the two of you! Choose wedding bands for a lifetime.

Treat yourself! Pick the material that most expresses you. With us, you can find trendy and discreet bands or impactful bands.

We know wedding bands are essential jewelry for every couple. It will formalize your marriage and eternal love! For men, we have groomed bands that are tailored and anatomic to a level few have experienced before.

If diamond settings along the band are the most charming for you, we have hundreds of options, some of which include sapphires and black diamonds.

How rare is it to find wedding bands that will surprise you not only with its striking looks but also at an affordable price! Wedding bands from Raffi's are the best choice for those who have decided to celebrate their love story with exquisite jewelry made with ground-breaking materials.

If you are looking for a sleek line of pure metal, nothing else added, you will find all three golds with us. If aesthetic bands are your preference, you will love Madani bands.

Our staff's happiness is to participate in such a special moment of our customers' lives who choose bands for life.

Wedding rings are tangible items that represent a unique experience, a shared and unforgettable moment. Find the charming wedding band you've been yearning for at Raffi's store in Cambridge, ON.

Raffi's selection of Madani wedding bands is a trademark of absolute security with fine jewelry bands of unique shapes.

Raffi's showcases a vast assortment of Madani wedding bands, from classic to contemporary, for the most varied needs and expectations. Find Madani's exclusive wedding bands in Waterloo, ON.
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