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Raffi Jewellers embraces the opportunity to provide our customers with yet another renowned brand collection with the finest bridal jewels in the market: Hearts on Fire wedding bands. We are proud to be the brand’s retailers in Ontario and offer wedding band options of impeccable quality.


Our wedding bands will not only look spectacular in your wedding photos, but they also have the quality to be worn every day throughout your life.


Carved in floral, milgrain, or classic eternity patterns, our wonderful models are handcrafted by Hearts on Fire’s talented connoisseurs and will attract couples who appreciate unusual wedding bands.


Hearts on Fire is an incredible brand to choose from because its diamonds are set close to the shank, almost flush with the rim of the ring, creating a gorgeous and practical band that you can wear every day.


You will find the most romantic wedding bands among our exclusive Hearts on Fire collection: bands filled with love and the thrill of starting a family.


Within Raffi’s showroom, you can try on modern and smooth Hearts on Fire wedding bands that remain ever-popular due to their gorgeous designs.


Hearts on Fire wedding bands combine gold in several shades and run in straight or intertwined lines in complex patterns with precious inserts: you will not stop gazing at your hand!


With the finest appearance and sophisticated styles, our wedding bands can be worn as sets, or stacked against engagement rings.


Explore the creative wedding band options of Hearts on Fire collections available in Raffi’s flagship store in Cambridge or our Conestoga Mall store in Waterloo, ON.


Soon-to-be newlyweds are not limited when they come to us: every year our wedding bands range in a variety of styles and creative combinations.


It is easy and comfortable to choose wedding bands from Raffi’s because we have the friendliest staff.  We have selected products suitable to shimmer on your wedding day and be with you forever— all at an affordable cost.


Wedding bands are the main adornment of your life. When you decide to connect your life with another person, come together see our Hearts on Fire wedding bands.


Why? We offer quality, beauty, reliability, and durability in one place: indispensable characteristics of jewellery that you can make yours forever.


Fiancés are looking for precious stones in their wedding bands more than ever because they are interesting and original reinterpretations of classics and contemporaries. Wedding bands are unique and special pieces of jewellery that you will always wear.  


Get the high quality you’ve been longing for: Raffi Jewellers has been offering wedding bands that are GIA and JVC certified.


When choosing a wedding band, we know it will be with you for a long time, so we make sure you love it, that it is comfortable to wear, and that it is made of distinct materials. 


Come see the stunning nuances of white, yellow, or rose bands. Raffi chooses designers that know no bounds to design innovative bands. Come see the range of Hearts on Fire models we have in striking varieties.


Raffi Jewellers is your local store to find Hearts on Fire wedding bands in Cambridge and Waterloo, ON.



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