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We know how busy life can get, especially when you are planning a proposal without letting your girl notice anything amiss. That’s why we work relentlessly to make your experience easy and headache-free here at Raffi jewelers. 


If this is your first visit to our website, know we have prepared intuitive tools to make you feel at home and, if you are coming back, we know it is because you appreciated our expert service and we aim to make you feel even more welcomed.  


We present you with the engagement ring search tool with every style you can think of from Verragio. Raffi only works with brands that share our expertise and craftsmanship, we love to partner with designers that are cutting edge and that innovate with every new season. 


To enhance your experience, we’ve devised ways to bring Veggagio’s twenty-five-year-old setting expertise closer to you.  


As a romantic groom, you can then personalize the engagement ring according to the personality of your beloved and your preferences combined. 


So, you want a piece of jewelry that lasts, that could be passed on, that has a story, that you look at and get moved because it will make you think about that moment. 


She wants you to play a little at guessing, but she wants it to be what she has in mind.  And we know, when it is the time to choose, the big question is how to decide on the right engagement ring? 


Raffi has been in the engagement business for a while, we know sophistication in trustworthy and affordable prices are among the most important things. 


You can compose with our engine until you extinguish several possibilities and hold dear to the options you think will fit just what she’s been dreaming of. 


Whether you are looking for an amazing setting or a special shape, you can simulate engagement ring styles with our tool to search within your budget from the comfort of your home. 


You can select the collection you prefer or leave them open. Here we give you an overview of what they are all about. 


The Parisian collection plays with blended golds and platinum in cascading brilliants with twisting lines that come and go forming intricate waves. 


The Venitian collection showcases infinite halo and double halo styles that are lace inspired. 


Few things are more romantic than the Renaissance collection with dozens of pave settings that shine from afar.


The Insignia collection is a symbol on its own with the addition of lovely beadings, halos, and scrolls. She will think you hung the moon. 


The Couture collection looks stunning from every angle. Let your imagination flow with its customizable interiors.  


Now let’s say you would also like to see some rings to better grasp if the aspects you choose feel right in your hands. Visit Raffi’s at 299 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, or at Conestoga Mall off King Street North in Waterloo. 


We are a Canadian brand certified by the GIA who thrives on creating art in the form of precious materials.



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