Engagement Rings

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    Hearts On Fire Serenity Solitaire Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings

There are perhaps a handful of decisions in life that feel as if you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Where you choose to go to school. Which career to pursue. Where to live. For many people, selecting an engagement ring is also high on this list, but it shouldn’t be.


This doesn’t mean an engagement ring is an unimportant decision—in fact, far from it. An engagement ring is a symbol of hope and romance, a sign that in both good times and bad, love will always prevail. This is too important a decision to leave to chance—it’s a decision designed for certainty.


But with the help of an expert to guide you, all the stress of making such a decision vanishes. Whether your tastes venture more towards the traditional or in the direction of the avant-garde, Raffi Jewellers sales consultants are skilled at helping you narrow down all the many choices to the perfect one.


A diamond engagement ring or a sapphire engagement ring? A modern setting with stunning flourishes or a custom engagement ring that incorporates a beloved heirloom? These are just some of the options to consider, but only with an expert by your side, offering perspective and opening up possibilities.


Our consultants provide just this type of advice and more, giving you a detailed backstory on the development of the designs themselves and the provenance of the materials used in creating these important works of art.


We invite you to view our selection of engagement rings, as created by some of the world’s best jewellery designers. If you would prefer to schedule a personal visit, we are eager to welcome you at the Raffi Jewellers Flagship Boutique in Cambridge, ON, and at Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, ON.


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