Simon G.

Simon G.
  1. SKU LB2408-RFF
    Simon G. Diamond Bracelet

  2. SKU LP4849-RFF
    Simon G. Diamond Chain Necklace

  3. SKU LR2265-Y-RFF
    Simon G. Tempera Colour Ring in 18K Gold with Diamonds

  4. SKU LR2797-RFF
    Simon G. Coloured Stone Ring

  5. SKU LR1081-RFF
    Simon G. Rubellite And Diamond Ring

  6. SKU DP278-RFF
    Simon G. Butterfly Necklace

  7. SKU MR1000-RFF
    Simon G. Diamond Flower Fashion Ring

  8. SKU MR2619-RFF
    Simon G. Diamond Fashion Ring

  9. SKU LB2208-R-RFF
    Simon G. Ruby Bracelet


Simon G.

The story of Simon G. is the story of passion for the process, artistry and precision behind the creation of engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery. For close to 40 years, this family business and its team of expert designers has built a reputation for creating flawless custom jewellery.


Working from design studios in Los Angeles, the Simon G. team applies unmatched craftsmanship and attention to detail to every creation. The designers have decades of experience in creating custom jewellery; the expert crafting of all the beadwork, filigree and engraving in each piece is just the start.


The metals used in Simon G. fine jewellery are alloyed in-house to ensure enduring colour and quality. All diamonds and gemstones are hand-set and inspected under microscope by skilled artisans. Each piece is inspected at 10 different quality control stations to verify the highest possible standards, a commitment that sets Simon G. apart within the world of fine jewellery. These pieces represent the pinnacle of perfection.


Start your search for Simon G. fine jewellery here. Or experience the Simon G. collection of fine jewellery in person at the Raffi Jewellers Flagship Boutique in Cambridge, ON, or Conestoga Mall in Waterloo, ON.


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